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FOOTBALL: World Cup for the deaf and dumb, Cameroon beats Brazil in the opening match.

May 2, 2022
Cameroon beats Brazil

World Cup for the deaf and dumb, Cameroon beats Brazil in the opening match

The deaf and dumb indomitable lions who participate in the Olympics for the deaf, considered as the football world cup for the deaf, were heroic yesterday in their opening match against the host country Brazil

The Cameroonians who overcame fatigue (some players arrived the day before the match), quickly opened the scoring from the 17th minute to the great dismay of the Brazilians who were largely regarded as super favorites of the competition.

The indomitable lions‘ stroke a second blow in the 26th minute. Just before half-time, the Cameroonians benefited from a converted penalty in the 43rd. The indomitable lions for halftime with the final score of 3-2.

The indomitable lions take the lead of their group and display their ambition to play the final.

However, we can deplore the lack of support from this team which hoists the flag of Cameroon very high and honors Cameroonian football. The enthusiasm of the Brazilian supporters who cheered the lions at the end of the match testifies to this.

President Eto’o Fils who leads FECAFOOT and Minister Mouelle Kombi should see the situation of this team which lacks everything and honors Cameroon with very small means.

In addition to Cameroon, Mali, Egypt and Senegal, reigning African champions, are the other African nations out of the 20 in the running for this 24th edition of the World Cup which is held from April 30 to May 15, 2022.
Cameroon’s next match will be on May 04 against Italy.