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”Forget the road to the Palace” Brenda Biya trolls fan 😲

Aug 29, 2020
''Forget the road to the Palace'' Brenda Biya trolls fan 😲

Brenda Biya recently took to her Facebook and posted a picture which she captioned ‘‘We will only succeed in developing Cameroon when Cameroonians understand that we are all brothers and sisters ❤️🇨🇲❤️🇨🇲

Nous ne réussirons à développer le Cameroun que quand les Camerounais comprendront que nous sommes tous des frères et sœurs ❤️🇨🇲❤️🇨🇲

Posted by Brenda Biya officiel on Thursday, August 27, 2020

Well as you know Cameroonians they will always be savage when anything has to do with Etoudi ( presidency) Continue below


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It Was then that a fan took to the comments box to ask Brenda to ask her Father (President Paul Biya) to leve power as to to a newer generation. To him, Cameroon could only get better if a younger president comes to power to modern generation.

Replying to the post, Brenda told the fan to forget the road to the palace. in other words, her father is not leaving anytime soon.

please comment below let us know from you. Is Paul Biya the reason why development is slow in Cameroon or there are other reasons