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Founder of 237showbiz Emmanuel Mfon lectures on royalties in music business

Jan 22, 2020 ,
Founder of 237showbiz Emmanuel Mfon lectures on royalties in music business

Cameroon media guru and CEO of 237showbiz (one of the leading music blogs in Cameroon) Emmanuel Mfon, lectures Cameroonians on what happens when an artist uploads his song on a different artist’s youtube channel. This follows a strong criticism by some Cameroonians on Stanley Enow for releasing my way remix on Diamond Platiniumz’s Youtube Chanel.

Cameroonians, in general, need to learn a lot when it comes to The Music business.

It does not matter on who‘s channel a song is uploaded, What’s important is licensing your song, So that no matter who uploads it, the royalties and guap AKA Nkap is Fully paid to you. My people perish for lack of knowledge.

Stevens collected Every tiny inch that was made off Calee’. All the shows, Talk show brouhaha on YouTube/Facebook that played this song that triggered the algorithm to recognize the song, paid every cent to the right Owners.

The song was licensed. Right now the following songs My way remix, and now Ayagayo by Salatiel have also been licensed.

So uploading on your channel or someone else‘s channel doesn’t really matter so far as you will be making money and gaining from the “ fanbase of the channel where the song was uploaded with the add-on that the channel is having lots of subscribers than your local channel.

I used to watch artists attack Molytown and laugh so hard, meanwhile, you can just license your song, relax, chop some popcorn and watch how your every cent gets back to you.

THINK! It’s a game of smart ! I have a lot to say maybe I will go LIVE Soon or just organize a Digital conference sponsored by 237Showbiz & WeYaMo soon. let’s see!!! Good evening ! WeYamo in a few! #MediaLord

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There are still a lot of contradicting views as to if Stanley Enow’s Strategy will really work. Given that every diamond platinumz’s song released on his over 2.9Millions subscribers youtube channel always reach a million youtube views in 24hours. the situation is not the same with MyWay Remix which is currently at 922 136  views after almost a week since its release.

On the other side of the coin, it is the first song by a Cameroonian to reach those views in that less time.