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Gabon’s Panthers register win against Comoros in opening match

Jan 11, 2022

Araron Boupendza (Man of the Match)

“Congratulations to the teammates. Without them, we would not have had such a performance.The most important thing is the audience and we give it them all. I contributed to it in my own way. We prepared this match with a lot of pressure. We did all effort to start the competition calmly. The goal we score is to free the team and enter with confidence to the rest of this big competition. It’s important for us, but also for the fans.”

Patrice Neveu (Gabon Coach)

“Before the game, I had four major players who were absent. Fortunately, Boupendza’s goal freed us. We had offensive opportunities that we could have achieved by being more spontaneous. The Comoros team was valiant. We were solid defensively. For the coming games we will have to do much more. The three points will allow us to gain confidence. Our goal is to get out of the group stage”.

Amir Abdou (Comoros Coach)

“We lacked realism and lucidity over the last 30 meters. They had an opportunity and hurt us. We tried to find spaces, put extra in front of the goalkeeper, but we were not in a good day. We took too few risks at the beginning of the game. Maybe it played tricks on us.

It’s extraordinary to be in this competition. We will have to keep working, persevere in what we are doing and keep our game. There is always disappointment after such a meeting but we will have to keep fighting. The next game is against Morocco, a formidable team. We will have to get up quickly. It will be necessary to know how to remobilize, to look ahead, to raise our heads to prepare the next game.”