• Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

Gambia v Mali – Top of the table clash

Jan 16, 2022

Tom Saintfiet (Coach, Gambia)

 “We had a party to celebrate the country’s first victory. Now we are going to prepare the match against a big Malian team. We have 3 points, it’s already fantastic, but we have to continue. We will do everything to advance to the second round, and to give more light and promotion to The Gambia, the smallest country in Africa.”

Omar Colley (Player, Gambia)

“Proud to be in this group, I play in Italy, but this is something else, it is indescribable to live what we are living. With the offensive armada that we have, we will seek points against Mali and Tunisia to bring joy to the Gambian people. Our goal is to win, match by match.”