Cameroon LGBT : Cameroonian LGBT activists challenge President Macron on the non-respect of their rights in Cameroon.

French President Emmanuel Macron will make an official visit to Cameroon from July 25 to 27. Like the political class, human rights defenders have also expressed their expectation for this first visit of the tenant of the Elysée on Cameroonian soil.

On social networks, LGBT activist Olivia Ervi invited Emmanuel Macron to exchange with his counterpart Paul Biya on the case of homosexual victims of atrocious violence in Cameroon. “President Emmanuel Macron will be on an official visit to Cameroon from July 25 to 26. Please, Mr President! can you address the subject of LGBTQ rights with His Excellency Paul Biya? The @PRC_Cellcom is certainly aware of these arbitrary arrests,” she wrote in a tweet retweeted by Cameroonian lawyer Alice Nkom.

In Cameroon, homosexuality is prohibited. Offenders face prison sentences of up to 5 years and 200,000 fines. In recent years, several people suspected of homosexuality have been assaulted in the streets. Human rights organizations including Amnesty International have called for the decriminalization of homosexuality in Cameroon. A call so far has gone unanswered.