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Ghanaian Government plan to build a national shrine

Nov 23, 2019 ,

Ghana has plans to build a national shrine

Ghanaian Minister of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, Mr Samuel Kofi Dzamesi, says the administration is thinking about plans to fabricate a national sanctuary for customary pioneers.

Reacting to an inquiry at a press preparation in Accra on Wednesday, Mr Dzamesi said his service has been drawn closer by some customary groupings for the development of a national hallowed place.

As indicated by him, the development of a national place of worship would not be ridiculous since the Islamic and Christian beliefs in the nation have a national mosque and national church building separately.

“Since I got down to business, as I stated, we have a national mosque and now we are building a national house of God. What’s more, not many occasions, some customary groupings have likewise moved toward me. There was a gathering of Wulom? I [Ga Traditional Priests] who additionally moved toward me and really requested a conventional hallowed place,” he said.

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“I feel that since the constitution permits opportunity of love, we will consider it well indeed and perceive how conceivable that will likewise be. We are not precluding customary hallowed places,” he included.

Mr Dzamesi likewise reported designs to set up a philanthropy commission to assess and review the helpful exercises of holy places.

The Commission, as per him, will review the exercises of temples toward the finish of consistently and guarantee that they utilize their monetary assets for their planned philanthropic purposes.

“What we mean doing is to set up what we call a philanthropy commission whereby all holy places will be enrolled so that toward the year’s end, the bonus will see to crafted by the chapels and perceive how they have utilized their assets for the improvement of their kin. So a philanthropy commission is an alternative and not charges,” he said.

He additionally expressed that the service was prepared to exhibit the national approach on religion to government.

ghana to build national shrine