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Ghanaian Prophet: Nigel Gaisie I See A Bomb in AFCON 2022

Jan 8, 2022

Ghanaian Church Prophet Nigel Gaisie of the True Word Fire Prophetic Ministries prophecy that they wil be an attack at the stadium during the Africa Cup Of Nation in Cameroon this year.

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According to www.today.ng Ghanaian prophet was addressing church members about the potential bomb that is looming towards the AFCON tournament .In his prophecy he said

The Lord is carrying my spirit into a place like Cameroon concerning the tournament. “In spirit I saw players standing on a stretcher and they were in pain as some of them were crying“.

Prophet Nigel is encouraging the country Cameroon to pray and all the teams as he sees terrorist attacks. Ghanaian Government has asked all the Pastors , Bishops , Evangelist and Prophets to refrain from such prophecies which bring fears,panic and disorderly to the people .