Global Reactions as Francis Ngannou knocks Stripe Miocic to become #ufc260 Heavy weight Champion

Cameroonian Francis Ngannou is the newest Ultimate Fighting Championship heavy weight Champion after knock ing down American professional Stripe Miocic. Francis Ngannou is a Cameroon Born French Martial artist, a heavyweight at UPC fighting at the UFC. born on the 5th of September 1986, in Batie in the western region of Cameroon. Childhood was not one of rose.

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Francis Ngannou defeated as a return after he lost to him on January 10 2018

The fight started at a slow pace with both parties on their guard, trying to avoid each other’s attacks and wait for mistakes to counteract but as it went on , it became nearly a one sided one which saw Miocic mostly on defense ,Miocic attempted numerous takedowns (Which was what made Francis N’Gannou to Lose the 1st Fight) but to no avail as this time ,Ngannou was well prepared. By the 2nd Round , N’Gannou delivered a counter to one of Miocic Take down Attempts and this was the beginning of the end for Miocic .Ngannou landed numerous jabs and uppercuts until Miocic Got Knocked down Flat .It was lights out for the American athlete when he tried to get up and Francis N’Gannou delivered another Huge punch to his face to silence him on the ground for good .The Decision by the Jury was absolutely clear from then onwards as there was only Going to be a new Champion in The UFC and it was going to be “The Predator” Francis N’Gannou. Coiled from 237showbiz

Global Reactions as Francis Ngannou knocks Stripe Miocic to become #ufc260 Heavy weight Champion

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

Wow that was dominant. What an incredible #goat run @stipemiocic had. Nothing but respect for that guy. A huge congrats to my brother @francis_ngannou. The era of the Predator begins. #WarriorMana#UFC260

Khaled Beydoun

”The UFC now has 3 African Champions: – Francis Ngannou from Cameroon – Kamaru Usman from Nigeria – Israel Adesenya from Nigeria #UFC260


The Fight Bubble

Teddy Atlas

Lawrence King

Dominick Reyes

Congrats homie! @francis_ngannou What a performance! Calm cool collected and deadly! Now take care of that scrub @JonnyBones he priced is way outta our rematch, he’s probably gonna try and do the same with you, but if he does man up plz put this fool in the dirt! #cagejustice

Puneeth SHENOY

#UFC260@francis_ngannou is freaking scary. I don’t think there is a man who would will to call him out. But you gotta respect and admire the endurance of @stipemiocic , the way he took those punches and stood up is just superhuman !!

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