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Guinea-Bissau v Nigeria – A historic hope

Jan 19, 2022

Baciro Cande (Coach, Guinea-Bissau)

The match will be difficult, but it is important to get three points if we are to continue competing. We know Nigeria are a strong team, but we are well prepared, and we will play to win. We have to believe in our ability and fight for what we believe in because this is football.

Jonas Mendes (Goalkeeper, Guinea-Bissau)

We know that the opponent is strong, but we trust in ourselves and nothing is easy, but we will make every effort and it is important to get the first victory and we hope to achieve it in tomorrow’s match. The last match was difficult for us, but we are professional players who know how to overcome difficult moments and prepare for what is to come, especially as we strive to make our country and our fans happy.