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Hajj 2022: After the grant from the Head of State, Paul Atanga Nji lowers the price initially announced! (official)

Jun 1, 2022

The Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, has now set the new 2022 Hajj price for Cameroonian Muslim pilgrims.

After the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, granted a subsidy of 1 billion FCFA, MINAT reduced the price initially set to take part in Hajj 2022.

In a note to MINAT, the Secretary-General of the Presidency, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh had indicated that the Head of State was granting one billion. This subsidy is thus granted after MINAT initially set the price of Hajj 2022 at three million two hundred and ninety-four thousand (3,294,000) FCFA.

The Minister of Territorial Administration, President of the National Hajj Commission, informs public opinion that in order to allow the participation of a large number of pilgrims
Cameroonians in Hajj 2022, the HEAD OF STATE has decided to grant an additional grant of one billion (1,000,000,000) CFA francs to the National Commission for Hajj.

The price of the Hajj, initially set at three million two hundred and ninety-four thousand (3,294,000) CFA francs. is therefore revised downwards. The pilgrims concerned by the collective Hajj will now pay the sum of two million nine hundred and twenty-four thousand (2,924,000) CFA francs to make the 2022 pilgrimage to Mecca.

Also, the Minister invites the supervisors approved by the National Commission of Hadj to scrupulously respect the price thus fixed.