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Has kiki bandy succeeded in Hiding her child From the media?

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Bandy Kiki is a Cameroonian blogger, (claiming) LGBT activist and a serial entrepreneur based in the U.K.  She is the creator of Kinnaka’s Blog, a high traffic English-speaking website in Cameroon for news and entertainment. She is a controversial figure due to her political views and LGBT activism and has been called “The Most Hated Anglophone On Social Media in Cameroon (source: Wikipedia)

Background story

On October 14, 2017, bandy kiki made a public pronouncement of herself as a lesbian. being the first of her type in Cameroon, she claimed to believe her outing was to help a good number of people in Cameroon who couldn’t  speak out.


Bandy Kiki announces being a lesbian

Being the first outing of a type, it came with mix feelings as some people took it personally to throw insults on her while others congratulated her for expressing herself. Some months later she came out on her social media platforms and announced she was engaged and soon to be married. but confused her followers by claiming she is engaged to a woman  Becky,

The story became interesting when she posted 9 MONTHS BUMP On social media. When it started gaining attention, she came out to debunked it claiming she had Uterine Fibroid. These were her words

Yesterday was my birthday, and I posted a recent picture of myself looking like a 26weeks pregnant woman due to a uterine #fibroid that has been growing in me for over 5years now.

NOTE: she claimed the Fibroid had been there for five years but she posted a series of photos with the Tommy size like the photo below some months back. So according to her, It took only some few months for her ”fibroid” to gain the circumference in her bump photo.

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The photo on the left was shot and posted some few months before the image with a big tommy. so if bandy kiki had fibroid for five years, the size of the tommy would have definitely been bigger in this photo than what you see 

On the 21st March 2019, she Posted photos in a surgical ward according to which she underwent a surgery to remove the Fibroid cloth. Based on our findings, we have been made to understand that this was the day she gave birth and has since then done everything to keep the child from public.  

while we look forward to providing more evidences in our next posts, we will like to read your own thoughts in the comment section below