Highest paid Africa presidents in 2020 and their Annual base pay

Highest paid Africa presidents in 2020 and their Annual base pay: There is no gainsaying that African leaders heap a lot of benefits, especially in monetary terms. They are ranked among the highest-paid state leaders in the world, despite their countries being undeveloped, with high rates of unemployment and inflated wage bills.

This is evident when comparing what the president earns with the country’s GDP and the minimum wage paid to the country’s workers. But most presidents, salary commissions or finance ministries, don’t take that into consideration. That’s why you will find a president and government officials pocketing millions in a country where a majority of the people live below a dollar per day. Indeed, politics pays, not just with power, influence but also with money. So, here is a list of the highest-paid presidents in Africa in 2020

Highest paid Africa presidents

Name Country Annual base pay
1. Paul Biya Cameroon $610,000
2. King Mohammed VI Morroco $480,000
2. Cyril Ramaphosa South Africa $305,000
4. Abdul Aziz Bouteflika( ousted ) Algeria $168,000
5. Teodora Nguema Mbasogo Equatorial Guinea $120,000
6. Uhuru Kenyatta Kenya $132,000
7. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Somalia $120,000
8. Azali Assoumani Comoros $115,000
9. Hage Geingob Namibia $110,000
10 Denis Sassou Nguesso
Congo $110,000

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