• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

“I am not ashamed to acknowledge that I have considered suicide time after time…” Askia

Dec 29, 2021

If there is one thing i know about cameroon social media, it should be the fact that people feel celebrities are super humans who don’t feel bad when they are insulted.

Artistes such as Stanley Enow, Jovi, Tilla, Askia amongst others seems to be the most bullied. Askia could no longer hold it as she decided to pour out her heart in a long Facebook post which reads thus.

Greetings to everyone, Please permit me make good use of your attention with my truth while I can still open up. For the longest of time, I succeeded in deceiving myself into thinking I am a bullet Proof immune to endless insults , negative comments online, hate and any unbearable thing you can imagine. So I pretended on as posed and acted like the bullet proof I wasn’t nor will I ever be.

Honestly, am unable to sleep well most nights, these comments hunt and torment me so much to the point I turn to question if my existence was a mistake. Home where I should have gotten some comfort felt like hell burning me out, the public on the other hand, is a deep ocean waiting to drown me. I have been struggling and hurting way deeper than I can explain, some of which are things I can’t talk about.

At this point, I am not ashamed to acknowledge that I have considered suicide time after time again and only holding back for the sake of my child. But Since everyone loves the dead, I am sure I will be loved if am gone. So all of you who troll me everyday about how ugly I am and how every bad thing I have ever experienced is all my fault, I hope you feel good about yourselves and celebrate the fact you won when am not here anymore. I am soooooooo exhausted. There’s only so much one human can take.

Fame who? Lol fame can’t take the place of love, anyone can live without fame, but it’s hard to live without love, especially when you’re being served trolls and hate that makes you feel like fading away always. i tried, i really did. But am exhausted now. Please bear with me

I am considering logging off the internet and putting a stop on my next song release which was due for next week . My team isn’t in support of this Decision, but what does it matter to me now anyways . Please Note this isn’t a panic post, I just wanted to be honest and truly vulnerable like I feel on the inside ,since most of y’all forgot am still human. I hope you never treat any man or woman like you did me again. And to the few of you who loved me and sent forth kind energy regardless , it helps that you know it consoled me and helped me endure till this point, thank you so much for everything guys, all of it. #Regards #Withlove #Askia #Momentoftruth