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I Can Raise Kobe Bryant If 10% of His Net Worth is Given Me – Prophet Nigel Gaisie

Jan 27, 2020

Prophet Nigel Gaisie, organizer and pioneer of the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries located in the Shai Oduko Municipality in Ghana during a sermon this past Sunday has made some extremely strange revelations concerning the passing of the American basketball, player Kobe Bryant and the girl Gianna Bryant.

The pastor while lecturing and prophesying to his assemblies said he is equipped for raising Kobe Bryant and his daughter from the dead. on condition that Byant’s family will give him 20% if his wealth

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He stated: “The Lord just brought me into the spiritual world, and I have seen an incredible man fall. This news will shake the whole world as a result of how extraordinary this man is. I see many individuals on social discussing the man for quite a long time to come and I see a lot of miserable appearances.”

“America will grieve this extraordinary man. The Lord at that point educated me to report to the group of this man, the American government office in Ghana and the whole world that He the Lord has not authorized the passing of this man. He again said to me, ‘Nigel, tell the group of this man and tell the whole world, should they consent to pay my tithes and contributions I will utilize you as a vessel to take this man and his little girl back to life.'”

Prophet Nigel declared that without the 10% contribution, there was no chance he could take the man and his little girl back to life since that was simply the guidance from the Almighty God.

“The man is worth 500 million dollars and should the family consent to give 10% of his salary to me, I will breathe life into them back. In this manner sayeth the Lord! Without the cash, I can’t bring him and the young lady back.”

Prophet Nigel Giasie, subsequent to making these announcements requested that his assembly implore in tongues and thank the Lord for needing to utilize him and their congregation for such an incredible marvel.

He proceeded to advise the gathering to ensure the message arrives at the American department in Ghana, the family of the late Kobe Bryant and furthermore cautioned his believers not to question the expressions of Almighty Jehovah or else face the wrath of God

Prophet Nigel Gaisie