R. Maxwell BoneToday I graduated with my Masters of Philosophy in African Studies from the University of Cambridge. My dissertation was titled “‘We had no choice’, the emergence of secessionist violence in Anglophone Cameroon.” I was honored to be supervised by Dr. Devon Curtis.

Completing a master’s degree during this past year has by far been the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life thus far.

I was part of a multidisciplinary cohort in @CASCambridge, and I gained so much from conversations within and outside of academic settings.

It will take some time for me to process how magnificent this past year has been- especially how much I learned from my fellow postgraduates at @JesusCollegeCam, w/ whom I have built many lifelong relationships.

They studied everything from physics, to engineering, to history.The multidisciplinarity environment that the college system here creates is something that I will forever treasure. Learning alongside those at the forefront of fields ranging from neuroscience to quantum computing to law has been an experience I could never have imagined.Deciding what to do next was difficult, w/ options for further study & professional opportunities. I am ELATED that I will be returning to the Africa Team at @IFES1987, working on Ethiopia and elsewhere in East Africa for now. I can not wait to get started next week.

I am grateful to everyone who has supported me over many years- your advice, guidance, feedback, and friendship mean so much.  I will remain in the UK for a few months but will move back to DC.

I will continue my writing and analysis on Cameroon, although in my personal capacity. I have put my parents, @rbone8488 & @ProfessorBone, through a lot. From trolls harassing family members, many close calls in conflict zones, & MUCH MORE. All of my accomplishments are theirs. I am delighted to have them in Cambridge to celebrate this day after a year apart. https://t.co/wuoywPB38e