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IF ONLY SHE KNEW …(18+)…part 15

Nov 27, 2019
IF ONLY SHE KNEW ...(18+)...part 15

“Drugs?!” he shouted throwing the keys on the matress. “What were you thinking?”After he was found in possession of drugs. Calvin was arrested. It was early in the morning when they let him out.“I am sorry, dad,” he apologised facing down.“You are sorry? I had to sleep outside the police station when they refused to let you out because I had no money to pay them,” he spoke hands on his waist. “I had to beg them to let you go. Do you know what I did so they can let you out?”No!”I had to clean their toilets, clean the offices. I couldn’t let them beat you up. You still writing your exams. Instead of studying. You busy selling drugs,” he spoke loudly and angrily. Never in his life had he been so angry with his son. He was even shocked being told that he was found in possessions of drugs.“No, no officer. My son doesn’t do drugs.”“He is going to spend a long time in jail,” said the officer.“Please, I beg you. I will take his place. He is still writing his final exams.”“When he was selling drugs. He didn’t think about exams. Did he?”“It was a mistake. I promise you if you let him go. He won’t repeat the same thing again. I will doanything, just let my son go.”After pleading with the officer on duty. He decided to release Calvin early in the morning .Conditions that Andrew cleans the toilet at the station.“Where did you get those drugs?” he asked“I I I….”“You what? Don’t even dare try to lie to me.”“Uncle Kuda, gave it to me.”“Kuda! What the hell were you doing with him? How long have you been doing this?”“It was just yesterday. It was my first time. I wanted to give you something. Only I was happy thatyou bought me a new uniform. Words were not enough so I wanted to buy a gift. I was verydesperate and I needed the money,” he wiped the tears.Andrew didn’t say anything and hugged his son.“My poor boy. You don’t need to buy me gifts sonny. Make me happy and proud by passing. I wantyou to be a good man. Never get involved with bad people. Selling drugs and taking alcohol,” hekissed him on the forehead. “I forgive you but you grounded. After school come straight home andstudy. Are we together?”He smiled at him.“Yes, sir. I was scared that you were going to beat me up.”
“No no I know you are a very good kid. I will never lay hands on my children. I talk to them nicelywith no violence. Anyway I need to go somewhere. Money for bread Its in my wallet,” he took hishat. “I will see you later.”“Okay, dad.”He walked out of the house, took his bicycle. He needed to go and see him. After two hourscycling. He reached his house. He barged in without knocking. He was sitting on the sofa puffingup smoke.“What the h…!” he stopped at midsentence after Andrew pulled him to his feet, almost tearing hiscollar.He punched him on the face.“What the hell man? Are you crazy?”“Yes I am,” he clenched his fist. “I am so mad at you right now Kuda. What is wrong with you?Calvin is 16 years old and you giving him drugs to sell.”Kuda burst out laughing. This made Andrew angry even more. He made step close to him and hithim in the stomach.Later they had sat down together. Andrew handed the ice to Kuda.“Thanks! When did you learn boxing?”“Movies!” responded Andrew. “I am sorry man for punching you.”“I deserved it. I don’t know what got into me. I wish I had a son also. You are a good fatherAndrew. I am proud of you and salute you,” said Kuda.“You can be a good father as well. It doesn’t suit you to be a drug dealer. There is so much youcan do out there without having the police on your back.“I guess you right but this is my way of making money. You know I didn’t do well at school.”“You can do something else. Anyway man I have to get going. I am so tired. I slept at the stationand now I have to go and visit my daughter at the hospital,” he sat up.“I am sorry about your daughter. I will come and visit her,” he said walking him to the door. “Abicycle! “What about it?”“Hmmm nothing. Nice car you got.”They both laughed.“Crazy you. Let me drive I mean cycle,” said Andrew.“Close the windows,” said Kuda laughingly.“I will get you one day Kuda aka Buffaro or is it Buffalo.”He later cycled heading back home. Even though Kuda was a gangster. Andrew still saw him ashis friend. He just wanted his friend to leave the criminal life. He knew it would end up bad for him. He was cycling when he noticed a woman on the other side of the road standing by her car. He passed by her but later went back.“Are you okay madam?” he asked getting close to her.“No! It’s this car!” she kicked the tyre.“Be careful not to break your leg. What happened?”“I am having problems starting the engine. I parked so I could answer a phone call and now it does not want to start. I am late for a meeting. I have investors coming from Canada and if I losethis deal. My dad will kill me,” she said with a worried look on his face.“Let me see what is wrong,” he said opening the car hood.