Cameroonian sport lovers are currently divided in to two camps. The first one is the FECAFOOT camp which believes the contract with Le coq sportif was terminated and the page overturned. While the other camp is siding with Yannick Noah: Le coq sportif brand ambassador who is currently in Cameroon and having meetings with government official to make sure the French equipment supplying company regains his contract with Fecafoot.

The big question at this point is who between Samuel Eto’o and Yannick Noah is fighting for the interest of Cameroon?

Armand Noutack II who is an ardent supporter of Samuel Eto’o questions the patriotism of the former tennis player yanick Noah.

While the contract between the Cameroonian Football Federation (Fecafoot) and the French equipment manufacturer, Le Coq Sportif, is officially over, Yannick Noah is working to get Samuel Eto’o to reconsider his decision.

The former glory of French tennis and administrator of the Coq Sportif company also met Cameroonian leaders a few days ago. He was thus received by Prime Minister Dion Nguté and by the Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic, Mvondo Ayolo.

The approach of Yannick Noah had the gift of irritating the supporters of Samuel Eto’o. They claim that the former tennis player does not let the president of Fecafoot work. “…I ask Yannick to let Eto’o work, he has already chosen One All Sport and to say it this way does not mean that I hate the star Noah…I simply take up the cause of those who have clearly displayed in front of the whole world their love for Cameroon. That’s all. writes Armand Noutack II.

The teacher reminds that supporting Samuel Eto’o is not “hating” Noah. But “it’s just being patriotic.” And “if it is possible, please show us a single image of Noah with the flag of Cameroon. »

Armand Noutack II promises to always support Samuel Eto’o because he has done “so much” for Cameroon. The former Indomitable Lion he honored Cameroon so much. “To say it loud and clear by demanding the same thing from Noah is not synonymous with hate for the winner of Roland-Garros, an artist musician with indisputable, indisputable talent, the one who for a long time was the favorite personality of the French”