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Internet scammers using Samuel Et’oo Fils’s deepfake to scam people

Jul 27, 2020

Some Cameroonians have mounted Samuel Et’oo Fils’s deepfake with Objective to scam women in the diaspora and in Africa. When they call people, they pretend to be Samuel Eto’o and the appearance of the video really lets you believe it’s him in person.

First the false Samuel Éto’o falls in love with you. Then he promises you large sums of money and at the end he shows you that as he is currently traveling in a foreign country.

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(it should be specified that he calls with a number from the USA, France, Italy, from Canada etc. +13432650963 😂), it is his cousin living at 237 who will transfer you from Cameroon. Once he puts you in touch, The Cameroonian fraudsters ask you for a small amount of money to complete formalities and when you send then you have just fallen into the trap.

With this method, they swindled a Guinean woman living in Germany, promising to send her 10,000 € and she reported to explain. Before realizing, she had already sent 250 € by Moneygram (Supporting document).

Dear comrades, this is the work of some Cameroonians. Then they park the big cars and we call them president …!

Using the information provided (phone number, money transfer info, etc.) the criminal police should track down these thugs and destroy the entire network.

These are the issues on which our security forces must look to civilize Cameroonians.

Internet scammers using Samuel Et’oo Fils’s deepfake to scam people

Credit: Martin Tajo,

mr mbiydzela digital media house
mr mbiydzela digital media house