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Jehova witness Christian dies after rejecting financial aid from the catholic church

Jan 11, 2022

A Facebook user by name Bro Can Mbanefo has shared a story of her sister- Jehova witness christian who died simply because she couldn’t accept aid from the catholic church because her faith says so. sharing the story on his timeline he wrote…

JEHOVAH WITNESS KILLED OGE WITH THEIR BRAINWASHING DOCTRINE & TEACHINGS We lost Ogechukwu Ochiagha yesterday. She will be buried tomorrow.

First of all, I wish to thank all that sent money to Oge when she was in the hospital. the God you serve will bless you all without looking back and May you never be stranded in life. Amen. About six months ago, when Oge’s sickness was not as bad as it was lately, a Catholic community-based in Italy got to know about her sickness and decided to assist. They raise a huge amount of money which could have handled her situation then. But when they contacted Oge to send her account details. Oge told them it was against her Jehovah witness faith to collect money from Catholic Church. Both the priest and the members of the church were so disappointed. And the money was used for other sick people.

After I made an appeal fund post about her on my wall, a member from the same Catholic Community called me from Italy and told me their ugly experience with Oge. But told me they were still willing to assist if she has changed her mind. I called Oge and she confirmed that truly she rejected their offer. I did my best to convince her to accept the offer from Italy. To cut the long story short, when one of the guys from Italy called her again, she still rejected the offer from the Catholic community.

She then told the brother that he can send his personal money to her instead of sending the donation from the church. Eventually, out of pity and for the sake of humanity, the brother sent something to her from his personal account. Meanwhile, it was Oge who chatted me and asked if I could link her up with any NGO.

But when NGO came, her Jehovah witness teachings could not allow her to notice them. When I attack some church leaders, people think I don’t go to church. This is one of the reasons I attack them. How can you brainwash your members with lies for your selfish interest and at the detriment of their health? Dear Oge, I am not blaming you. I blame those that laid such a foundation for you. Because if I got the same foundation, I could have acted the same way or even worse than yours. You had always been a strong woman and you fought gallantly against this sickness. But I guess the time was up.May your lovely soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.Bro Can still love you.