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Cameroon: John Fru Ndi refuses to partner with Maurice Kamto

Sep 14, 2020
John Fru Ndi refuses to partner with Maurice Kamto

Cameroon: Ni John Fru Ndi (founder and leader of the opposition party SDF, Social Democratic Front) will not join Professor Maurice (president of the MRC, Mouvement Pour la Renaissance du Cameroun) in his “insurrection program”.

He was recently on the AfriqueMedia television , and made his stand on Prof. Maurice Kamto’s plan to oust president Paul Biya out clear.

. The unsuccessful 2018 presidential candidate and main opponent in Cameroon, Maurice Kamto asked the founder and leader of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) to join him in forming a single coalition.

“Maurice Kamto sent me a letter inviting me to follow him in his insurrection plan, I had believed that the letter was intended for me in a private way, yet it had been published in social media and read everywhere in the world ”, Ni John said

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But the politician born July 7, 1941 in Baba 2 (near the town of Bamenda, in the North West region) said not without hesitation: “We told him that the SDF was created to put Cameroonians and Cameroon together and not to divide and divide it… Consequently we are not ready to accompany it in its program of insurrection and it must be able to assume the consequences ”,

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John Fru Ndi refuses to partner with Maurice Kamto