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Jovi calls on his fan base to come to the aid of Homeless people living in the cemetery

Dec 2, 2021

Cameroonian rapper Jovi has shared a video from Equinoxe TV Showing homeless people some of whom are living in a cemetery. While sharing the video, he calls on his fan base (mboko Gang ) to assist these underprivileged people. Mboko Gang is unarguably the most influential fan base in the country. They are know for volunteerism works ranging from supporting IDPs, to blood donation program, Donation of medical equipments to hospitals just to name but a few.

Mboko Gang

Sharing the sad video, Jovi cption

N’a ma Muna dem that for Mboko , I go arrange them fine . Je suis avec vous ! La vraie RUE ! Les enfants que on a négligés. Ça passe sur la chaîne aujourd’hui.
MBOKO GANG this are our people we have to look out for them . Let’s get it !
MBOKO 4 CHANGE ! That’s the name of their association. They also do music just found out and I will work with them !