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Jovi narrates how he dumped his ex girlfriend for misunderstanding the anglophone crisis

Aug 9, 2022

Jovi narrates how he dumped his ex girlfriend for misunderstanding the anglophone crisis:

If there is one artist in Cameroon who has never kept his mouth shut about the anglophone crisis, It should be Jovi. From songs such as NO PEACE to several social media outings, jovi has always stood for a unified Meanwhile maintaining there is a problem in “Anglophone Cameroon”

Today Jovi took to social media to share his experience with the people he thought were his brothers and how he had to dump his girlfriend for misunderstanding the agnlophone crisis.

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He wrote

” I was having dinner with people I considered family ( Francophones ). Later one of their Invitees ( lady ) said people from the anglophone regions are Animals, she called us Monkeys and said we are very stupid and backward.

That was an eye opener for me, never again

Then later on in my life Still from the same group I was dating someone, I told her my cousin got shot in the head back in the village I tried to tell her he was innocent, but before I could talk she didn’t even listen or tell me I’m sorry my condolences she just told me that he got what he deserved and she said he must have been an Ambazonian, HEY! Not everyone living in that region is part of the group. She is my ex now but we are good 👍🏿. Had to BOUNCE!

This country has TWO realities, That of the Anglophone citizen and that of the Francophone citizens. We are trying to unite this country but it’s looking impossible. The French-speaking section can’t relate they don’t know and don’t want to know what is happening over there. They have a different reality, They have their problems. So this problem is going to last. I am advising anyone who has talent and a promising career from my region to go to another country especially if you are still young because this place is NOT for you. You will waste your youthful years like I almost did with mine”.