• Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Jovi once again mourns for English Cameroon

May 9, 2022

Cameroonian rapper, songwriter, producer, and Brand ambassador Jovi has once again lamented the effects of the unending anglophone crisis that has caused so much human and material loss since 2016. The rapper who has always stood for unity once again recalls the old good days when one could go on holiday in his village and take some breeze.

Jovi wrote

North West Region and South West Region That is home . Home way man no fit go village for holidays or for go stroll . Let’s pray for what is happening there . I feel very bad especially for the people who use to work there , the children who use to school there and people who use to live there . Why does it have to be like this . Why does it have to reach this level . The Farms , The Schools , The Markets are all empty. Prayers Prayers Prayers . It is getting to a point where man di check for take yi whole family commot country go stay me for Rwanda now so peace dey dey fine . Have a great week . God Bless