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Jovi will be an upcoming artist in Ghana. Prince Harry Graphicx says as Ghanaians attack Jovi on Twitter

Dec 7, 2019

When Cameroonians are at rest thinking Dust had been settled between Jovi and Ghanaian upcoming rapper lyrical joe, Ghanaians think they The Cameroon ”Considered to be rap god’Jovi will be an upcoming artist in Ghana.

According to Prince Harry Graphicx a Ghanaian blogger, the biggest mistake Jovi made was not replying Lyrical joe. He blames it to the incompetence Jovi’s PR.

According to some other Ghanaians, Jovi’s fans are confusing between knowing music and having youtube views. One even went as calling Jovi’s album as full of wack songs.

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Judging from our perspective we believe its a strategy to draw Cameroonian’s attention to Lyrical Joe’s latest release BETRAYAL featuring one of the best African rappers Sarkodie.

Responding to the whole grants, Jovi says they are very comfortable because he hasn’t started dropping his music (mboko) yet.

The 1million question is if Jovi is still to start dropping his music, Can we confirm that he will truely still be an upcoming art in Ghana until he starts dropping his music?