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Joy in Kumbo as Christians witness the re-opening of saint paul’s parish Kikai-kom

Nov 16, 2019

Christians of the diocese of Kumbo in general, and those of kikaikom in particular witnessed re-opening saint paul’s parish Kikai-kom on November. 15 2019

The catholic family of the diocese of Kumbo in general and that of Saint Paul’s Parish kikaikom, in particular, witnessed the re-opening and reinstallation of the blessed alter sacrament in their parish this Friday, Nov.15, 2019. This was and still remains a joyful event in the hearts of the Christian family, as they can once again have the chance to participate at Holy Mass celebrated on their own soil in their own parish Church, after 3months of hunger for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

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The parished was closed in August 2019 by his Lordship Bishop George Nkou following the abduction of their priests Fr. Dieudonne Bomye and Rev. Fr. Francis…

Fr. Dieudonne Bomye.

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The re-opening event which started at 9:00 Am saw the participation of Mgr. George Nkuo, Bishop of Kumbo, 15 Priests of the Kumbo Presbyterium, 2 Deacons and a handful of Religious, with more than 500 lay faithful from all the Mission Stations of the parish, Christians from other denominations and Moslems gathered in the main mission to reopen the parish and reinstall the Blessed Sacrament.

Bread and wine procession during the reopening ceremony

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According to RADIO EVANGELIUM – KUMBO (The official radio of the diocese of Kumbo,) Rev Fr. Edwin Boye Kinga S.D, was, by this Celebration, officially named the interim Parish Priest. The Parish Pastoral Council chairperson spoke words of love and gratitude to the Bishop for his continuous support to the faithful of Kikaikom. She promised publicly, on behalf of the Christians to help guarantee the security of the priest and the Blessed Sacrament. Fr. Edwin too thanked all present and promised his pastoral availability to the people he will henceforth minister to.