The US election is just days away.

Clearly, candidates have decided it’s time for the gloves to come off.

Which is why the Democratic candidate for vice president Kamala Harris decided not to mince her words when she was asked about whether Donald Trump’s attacks on her were racist.

During an interview with 60 Minutes, Harris was asked by interviewer Norah O’Donnell if she thought Trump was racist.

“Yes,” said Harris, immediately. “Yes I do”.

She then listed a pattern of Trump’s past behaviour to evidence her remarks, saying:

You can look at a pattern that goes back to him questioning the identity of the first Black president of the United States.

You can look at Charlottesville, when there were peaceful protesters, And on the other side, neo-Nazis and he talks about fine people on either side.

Calling Mexicans rapists and criminals. His first order of business was to institute a Muslim ban. It all speaks for itself.

And while people praised Harris’s forthrighteousness, there was criticism of mainstream media from previously shying away from asking such straightforward questions about the president’s conduct.

Some people decided to add more examples to Harris’ list.

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