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Nigerian man Kelvin Biggs impregnates three best friends in two months.

Jun 17, 2021
Nigerian man Kelvin Biggs impregnates three best friends in two months.

A Nigerian Man recognized as Kelvin Biggs has done what a great many people consider as a cursed thing after he impregnated three closest companions inside two months.

Social media users are hailing the potency of a Nigerian man identified as Kelvin Biggs after he impregnated three best friends in Ghana in less than two months. Reports states that Kelvin Biggs met these three friends in Ghana and due to his funky and party nature, the girls liked him as a friend with one, Keisha, becoming his first girlfriend.

It went on to narrate how Kelvin cunningly slept with Linda and Samira after Keisha, his girlfriend introduced him to them. Kelvin narrated how Linda and Samira returned after their first day in his house and took turns having an amazing bedroom time with them. “Keisha used to come to cook and clean for me. She was great in bed too, but with time, I got bored. When she introduced me to her best friends, Linda and Samira, I liked them instantly.

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The following day, Linda was in my house and before I could say anything, she took her clothes off and started kissing me. I liked her boldness and we enjoyed ourselves very well.” “I don’t know if these girls planned the whole thing because as soon as she left, the third friend, Samira, came asking me for an Android charger even though she knew I was using “iPhone 12 Pro”. When I tried looking for some for her, she started seducing me and between all three girls, I liked Samira most because she was curvy and had the sweetest honey pot.

So for two months, I took turns satisfying my newfound playmates.” “Now all three ladies are pregnant for me and I don’t know what to do. The one l loved most, Samira, wants to abort the child but I want to marry her. Meanwhile, Keisha and Linda want to keep the child because they have both done three abortions for their exes and are scared of doing it again, but I don’t want either of them,” Kelvin added.

At press time, details about how Kelvin plans to wiggle himself out of the situation in which he now finds himself were still sketchy. Meanwhile, observers have suggested that the three girls should team up and move into Kelvin’s house with their pregnancies. This, they say, would not only teach the lecherous Nigerian a bitter lesson but could also serve as a deterrent to men who have the habit of secretly dating their partner’s friend(s).