Samuel etoo free children from prison

This is the story of how Samuel Eto’o freed two children who were falsely accused by a doctor for stealing 200,000F.CFA from his vehicle.

A story published by Dr. David Eboutou on his Facebook page, recounts the day when the president of Fecafoot freed two children unjustly imprisoned in Kondengui prison.

Below is his full story:


One day, two mothers terribly troubled when two of their children aged 12 and 14 respectively were held in police custody for 5 days at the Ngousso Gendarmerie brigade.

These two women lived in the same neighborhood also carried out the same activity. They were traders in the same market. Their two children had grown up together and had been inseparable from a young age. In order to contribute to the lightening of the tasks of their mothers, they multiplied small jobs in their time after school.

One day, a doctor living in their neighborhood asked them to be washing his vehicle every morning, for the modest sum of 500 FCFA. Everything went well until that day when the famous doctor accused them of stealing 200,000F.CFA from his vehicle. A sum that rose oddly over the pleas that the two mothers of the kids presented to the Doctor, despite the fact that the children swore they have never senn such an amount in their lives.

Despite the cries of the poor women, begging the doctor to give them time to collect the amount declared lost, the doctor remained firm. He had led the kids to the brigade and the latter had been put in a cell.

In the doctor’s complaint, he said he had lost other large sums of money and was now claiming an amount of 5 million CFA francs to withdraw his complaint. But how could these poor women collect such an amount even after 50 years of activity?

These mothers finally came to my home and told me the story

Basically, I had nothing to do apart from relaying this pathetic story on my defunct official David Eboutou Facebook page. However, I remember having promised these two women that their children would be free, although without really knowing how….(it was certainly to get rid of them…)

The post that I wrote reached big sister, Maître Félicité ZINTCHEM, current Mayor of BAFIA, who volunteered to defend these kids who were finally been placed in pre-trial detention in the Kondengui. Central Prison. Yaoundé

A few days later, while I was sharing my publications on the injustice suffered by these two kids, and, without really having the impression that it was going viral, I had a call from a journalist based in Douala one evening (I prefer to keep him anonymous).

She told me that Samuel ETO’O asked her for my phone number. So she called me to make sure that the one she had given him was the right one.

In the same evening, I received the call from Samuel ETO’O.

He had told me that he had read the story about the children who were now in prison and was terribly moved by the story that I had told him again.

From that moment, and for four successive days, Samuel ETO’O called me at least three times a day to coordinate the various stages that will lead to the release of the kids.

I will never forget this morning, around 7 a.m., when Samuel ETO’O called me to tell me:


I couldn’t come back. How had he managed to free these children in a week?

In short, I will therefore called Maître Félicité ZINTCHEM to ask her to meet me at the Ekounou Courthouse.

Once there, I gave her the information and, while she was still wondering how this was possible, my phone rang again. It was SAMUEL ETO’O at the end of the line who wanted to know if the kids who had just entered the courtroom had been released. I took this opportunity to tell him that I was in the company of Master ZINTCHEM who had abandoned his professional obligations to be by my side. I also pass my phone to Master and Samuel expressed his gratitude to him for all the support given to these poor kids.

To make the story short, once the hearing had started, the judge had decided to release the kids and, around 6 p.m., when, in the company of Master ZINTCHEM and their poor mothers, the prison doors finally closed. open and their two silhouettes were heading towards us, I sent a message to SAMUEL who will immediately called me back.

Having put the phone hands-free, I wanted the two kids and their parents to speak with Samuel ETO’O. I told them that he was in charge and that I had only been the instrument. I still remember all these words of blessings that these women, the mothers of these kids including a widow, had poured out on SAMUEL.

It was moving!

The story was a bit long, but I had to finally give you this testimony.

Samuel ETO’O never wanted me to share this story. He will have to excuse me for this. It was stronger than me, especially since a few months after the release of the kids, he had again intervened to free 04 other young people from Kondengui prison whose obviously unfair incarceration situation I had explained to him.


Because I believe that Samuel ETO’O loves people. He loves his fellow men and hates suffering and injustice.

I am one of those who unfailingly support his innovations at FECAFOOT. A mafia environment, having long functioned in total opacity. You cannot be a good manager if you are not motivated by the love of the other, if you do not care about the well-being of your neighbor.

This guy loves his compatriots and I’m happy to see that the majority of Cameroonians love him too!

May God bless Samuel ETO’O Fils!