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Le Monde newspaper ” Samuel Eto’o is increasingly being contested president within Fecafoot”

Aug 12, 2022

Le Monde newspaper ” Samuel Eto’o is increasingly being contested president within Fecafoot”

An article published on August 11, 2022 on the website of the newspaper Le Monde devoted to Samuel Eto’o reports that apart from Guibaï Gatama, other members of the Executive Committee of the Cameroonian Football Federation dispute his management, however they do not dare not say it.

The newspaper Le Monde devoted one of its articles published yesterday on its website to Samuel Eto’o Fils and his management of the Cameroon Football Federation (Fecafoot). French newspaper pointed out that Eto’o Fils has largely kept his promise to restore Cameroonian football to greatness. However, he notes that he is making “spectacular and increasingly contested decisions”. It speaks as an example of the breach of contract with the equipment manufacturer Le Cop Sportif.

“A few months before the World Cup in Qatar, which will take place in November and December, he unilaterally broke the contract which had linked his federation since 2019 with the French equipment manufacturer Le Coq Sportif. “He decided that on his own, no member of the executive committee has ever had access to the contract,” says a person close to the body. The French company has decided to take Fecafoot to court. An approach that could cost the Cameroonian state dearly, since the federation depends financially on it,” writes the french newspaper Le Monde.

Antonio Conceicao

the french newspaper also talked about the breach of contract of former Indomitable Lions coach Antonio Conceiçao.

“The taxpayer will also have to put his hand in his pocket to assume another decision by Samuel Eto’o: the dismissal of Portuguese coach Toni Conceiçao, after the last African Cup of Nations (CAN). The coach, however supported by Narcisse Mouelle Kombi, the Minister of Sports – who has a terrible relationship with Samuel Eto’o -, was replaced by the former Cameroonian international Rigobert Song. FIFA agreed with Conceiçao, who seized her after her dismissal, by ordering Cameroon to pay her nearly 1.5 million euros in compensation, “writes Le Monde.

Management of Fecafoot

As for the management of Fecafoot, we retain from the article published by the french newspaper, that it is not only Guibaï Gatama who disputes things on this side. Other members of the Executive Committee of the Federation too, however, they lack the courage to speak out loud and clear.

“Guibai Gatama also criticizes the boss of the federation for making appointments or dismissals “as he wants, without always respecting the statutes”. A source close to the executive committee assures “that other members think like Gatama, but do not dare to say so”. In May, Benjamin Banlock, the general secretary of Fecafoot, had resigned by denouncing “the management”,writes the French newspaper.