LGTB activist Bandy kiki calls out Ayah Ayah Abine for denying money from homosexuals to his foundation

LGTB activist Bandy Kiki of Kinnaka’s blog and Kinnaka tv has written to Ayah Ayah Abine. Of AYAH Foundation calling him for a post which he made on facebook stating that his foundation will never knowingly receive financial support from anyone preaching homosexuality

In the very Post, The boss of Ayah foundation called out a Mr. X (names Withhold) who had supported his organization financially, stating that his foundation will refund back the aid even if it means borrowing to do so.

Responding to this post after a period of time, LGTB activist Bandy KIki bitterly called Ayah an exploit. stating that she has been hinted by some members of Ayah’s Family how he is enriching himself from the foundation. She wrote

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Dear Mr Ayah DeHumanitarian,

I was notified about a post you wrote on Facebook, categorically stating that AIF will never knowingly receive funds from any homosexual association or group. A huge part of me wanted to ignore your post and continue enjoying my vacation in Paris but as someone who is Cameroonian, homosexual and an LGBTQ+ activist, I will be doing our community a disservice if I don’t speak out.

Firstly, I have three questions for you:
1) What is the difference between money contributed by a homosexual and money contributed by a heterosexual? Does it have a lesser value or a different colour?
2) Since you don’t accept donations from homosexuals, do you check the sexuality of the vulnerable people you claim to help?
3) Do you know the risks involved in publicly claiming someone is a homosexual (which they may or may not be)?

As homosexual who has recommended your foundation to good-willed KB readers and even personally reached out on one occasion, your naivety rubs me off in a wrong way! But in some ways, I understand your haughty outburst because you have ridden on your father’s image to get this foundation where it is and have no idea what it means to be a tactful leader in the 21st century.

Unless it is boldly written on your website or you tell international big donors that you don’t accept donations from homosexuals, you are just another loud mouth hungry Cameroonian trying hard to gain likes. Put your mouth where your money is! This insensitivity post will hurt you!

Updates: I have just been informed by one of your relatives on how you have used the struggle and the AIF to enrich yourself and family. I apologise to anyone I have ever recommended this foundation to them. It is comfortable to pick the easy target when people start demanding

Read: https://factstv.cm/has-kiki-bandy-succeeded-in-hiding-her-child-from-the-media/

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