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Macaire Wafo expelled from his native village in the West after sexually harassing his own daughter

Apr 25, 2022

Now-former host of the Jambo program on Canal 2 International Macaire Wafo, is no longer welcome in the Western region due to his immoral act which has been agitating social networks for a few weeks. Accused for several weeks of having s.xually abused his own daughter, the facilitator has gone missing. He did not show up to his SED summons.

Macaire Wafo lives in hiding in the city of Douala, where he regularly changes residence, with plans to leave the country, some sources report.

Although he still enjoys the support of his biological family, Macaire Wafo has already fallen out of favor in his native village, located in the Bamboutos, in West Cameroon.

The journalist Sismondi Barlev Bidjocka confides that the chief of the village of Macaire Wafo took his responsibilities, chasing the latter from his territory. “Tradition in the west is very conservative and does not condone such things as incest or the rape of one’s own child. If the Bamileké community of Facebook (Paul chouta,… and the others act as if this Maquaire wouafo had never raped his daughter, the chief of his village has taken his responsibilities and has just banished him from the village”, wrote Sismond Barlev .