• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Malawi v Senegal – Hopes in the air

Jan 18, 2022

Meck Mwase (Coach, Malawi)

“We want to finish the group stage on a winning note even though we know our opponents are tough. Tis gives us motivation to even work harder. I told my players they have got an opportunity to make history.

“We have all seen the many surprises so far in the tournament, and our opponents must be prepared as it will not be a smooth ride. We only have one player missing and that is our captain, but we have equally good players that can replace him as we fight to qualify.”

John Banda (Midfielder, Malawi)

“Senegal look good on paper, but they have to know our game against them will be the biggest game of our lives. We believe we can beat them even though they are the favorites. We are motivated by surprises in the tournament, and we believe this is our golden opportunity every Malawian is waiting for.

“It is a fact Senegal has big stars, but our game plan is to surprise them and qualify. It may look like a huge task, but we are ready for the challenge ahead.”