• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Mali triumph over Tunisia in Group F

Jan 13, 2022

What they said after the match

Ibrahim Bosso, Mali goalkeeper (Man of the Match)

“The strength of our team has been solidarity. We joined hands for this collective victory. It is very important to start well. Stopping that penalty gives the team a boost. “

Mohamed Magassouba, coach of Mali:

“We wanted to resume to play the remaining minutes but Tunisia did not want to resume, the referee then whistled the end of the game. We demystified the match, we managed with rationality the occupation of the field, the transmissions. Of course the ambition is to get the cup, we say it with humility, wishful thinking “

Mondher Kebaier, coach of Tunisia:

“The referee blew the whistle at the 85 minute mark at the 89 minute mark, it’s lunar. He deprived us of concentration. We did not want to resume because the players had already taken their baths, deconcentrated and demoralized in the face of this gruesome situation. “