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Man in Japan spends €12.000 to transform himself to a dog

May 26, 2022

A man in Japan had a lifelong dream to transform into an animal.The man named Toko spent around 2 million yen i.e. over £12.000 on a realistic border collie costume to look like a dog.The unique costume was completed in around 40 days and Toko had to undergo several rounds of meetings and fittings to finally get into the costume.Costume A collie looks real when I put it on: Toko

The costume was made by Zeppet, a company that specializes in sculptures and models for TV commercials and films.In an interview with Mynavi, Toko said that he chose a border collie costume as the length of the hair can “mislead the human figure.””I made it a collie because it looks real when I put it on. My favorite is quadrupedal animals.”Time spentCreating the costume was difficult: Zeppet employee

A Zeppet employee said that creating the costume was difficult and required a significant amount of time.”The point is that the skeleton of a dog can be reproduced on the skeleton of a human,” he told Mynavi.”Since the structure of the skeleton is very different, we spent a lot of time studying how to make it look like a dog,” he added.VideoToko had earlier posted a video trying on the costume

“In addition, we collect photographs taken from various angles so that the beautiful coat of the collie can be reproduced and devised so that the coat will flow naturally,” the employee further said.On April 12, Toko posted a fun video on his YouTube Channel where he tried the unique border Collie costume for the first time and changed into a dog.MovementsToko was seen doing dog-like motions in the video

After transforming into a dog, Toko was seen walking on four legs like a real dog and doing some dog-like movements in the video which interested a lot of viewers.He was seen flopping to his side and waving his paws. The video received 1.1 million views.He shared the photos on his Twitter page @toco_eevee which received over 18,000 retweets and