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Mbingo annexe Mutengene Saga: ”Learn to read, ask questions and have facts before all these rants” Cameroon fashion designer Vutise Tumban replies to Salatiel

Sep 4, 2019

Recently Alphabeta boss Salatiel made a facebook post blaming the loss of his uncle to the incompetence of Mbingo hospital annexe in Mutengene. according to him, two people donated blood for his uncle still he died of blood shortage. these were his words

Mbingo Annex Mutengene, that wonna blood bank wey wonna di fill am from patients families and not administering to patients.
My uncle died while lacking blood meanwhile a week before u guys took blood from 2 family members and not once did they administer blood and not giving any reason. Even me 2016 same thing I gave blood for a patient because they called for blood and it was never given to the patient and same thing, no explanation.
Which kind hospital wey even headache patient di call family for blood?

despite the condolences, Salatiel has been receiving, Cameroon’s fashion designer Vutise Tumban thinks Salatiel’s post was proof of the ignorance of professionalism. According to her, Salatiel should always do research before ranting. continue reading below

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these were her words

#Salatiel sorry for your lose but did u ask the medical practitioners what went wrong? I bet u didn’t. This would ‘ve saved you from this ignorance. Secondly you were not your uncle’s next of kin so don’t expect any medical practioner to run to you telling you exactly what went wrong, just because he is your uncle. Just as you have policies, rules n regulations in Alpha Beta records so too is the health system.

Now to this issue surrounding blood banks, i donated blood for free and my family was sick and didn’t get blood bla bla bla, as a health professional let me address it. Before you go ranting up n down.

First blood is not water. You can’t just take blood from person X n give person Y. This is where i will say know your blood group. Use this data u have and read on blood group rather than share nudes up n down. Let’s continue…when free blood donation campaigns are held don’t be fooled by the numbers u see that turn up. That your blood that you give before you donate u go through a num of test, from HIV HBV HCV BLOOD GROUP/Rhesus factor just to name a few. The reagents for these test are not cheap. The hospital covers this cost for you who donates and even those who get rejected because you have to be fit before sitting in as a donor. So u see those 1000 people that line up we might end up getting only 50 fit candidates. 
Now you come to the hospitals and a request is made for blood transfussion, they ask you to pay for blood transfusion u complain. You go n bring 2 people and say they will donate blood. Please ehhh u ve to pay for them to be tested, make we no add sick ontop sick. If u don’t have those people you still pay for compatibility testing to make sure what is in the bank tally with who is on the bed. If you rem your biology lessons you will know person with blood group A can’t receive blood from person with blood group B. But how will you remember, you dodge all biology classes n attended only the one where they were teaching parts of an insect. Any how we u see even that blood group A so u have A+ A- and a person with blood group A+ can’t donate blood to person with A- ( if u care to know more read on rhesus factor rather than share gossips). Some of us are universal donors and just because we can give to everybody doesn’t mean we can get from anybody, we can only get from our type. So you might find yourself in a hospital where they don’t have your type and they tell u there’s no blood and you go ranting but we just donated blood last week for free. Yes you did but is it a match? Like i said blood nobi water

Finally you bring an adult patient with an HB level of 2mg/l who will probably need about 6 pines of blood to boost his haemoglobin level, and expect 2 human beings to give him all that blood 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ there is a limit to what each can offer. Women can’t give as much as men. Even amongst men some men can’t give more than others. A builder will definitely give more than a banker (here again go and read) 
Learn to read, ask questions and have facts before all these rants. Your medical practitioner is there to help and it’s your right to know and understand what is going on with your patient to be able to give proper consent.

Now this is where i advocate for back to school coz the number of such will only increase with time 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

P.S no come to comment for talk about my person nova die a no fit understand. I ve lost a sister

Read: https://factstv.cm/salatiel-vs-mtn-cameroon-what-happened-cameroon-mucic-producer-and/

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