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Meet Jare Ijalana 5 years old Nigerian and the most beautiful girl in the world

Jan 25, 2020
Meet Jare Ijangala the most beautiful girl in the world

Internet users around the world have been marvelling for the past few days at the extraordinary beauty of a young Nigerian girl of just five years old, unanimously calling her “the most beautiful girl in the world”. A representative of ethnic diversity, she is the first girl of African descent to benefit from this honour.
The discovery of a rare pearl

Mofe Bamuyiwa is an artist-photographer specializing in wedding photos. It is in Nigeria that she practices her profession and it is from there that she regularly posts her photos on her Instagram account.

Recently, the photographer unearthed a rare pearl. Mofe met a 5-year-old girl, Jare Ijalana, whom she took a picture of during a shoot
Timeless beauty

Once published on Instagram with the comment “Oh yes, she is very human! She’s also an angel! ”, The photos of the incredible Jare garnered tens of thousands of likes in just a few hours. Internet users from all over the world, captivated by the beauty of this little girl, describe her as “doll”, “little angel” and “most beautiful girl in the world”.

Jare Ijalana: most beautiful girl in the world

To date, the photographer’s photos have each had close to 50,000 likes.

Never has the photographer reaped as much success as with the pictures of the little girl, whom she had posed as an adult in a setting whose simplicity highlights her magnificent complexion with her captivating gaze.

Commenting on one of the photos, Mofe writes: “Children are a gift from Heaven. I am very excited and delighted with my new style of child portrait. “

The photographer has in fact used with Jare a new technique of photographing children, which makes them look more adult and which gives the girl an extraordinary presence for such a young age.
“I wanted to depict the intersection between childhood and adulthood,” added the artist-photographer in commenting on one of the photos, “so that the two become timeless. I could have made her smile and laugh, but I made the decision to have her pose naturally, like an adult. It’s my secret for a timeless portrait “

Jare has two lovely big sisters, Joba, 10, and Joliloju, 7, and their mother, facing Jare’s triumph on the web, has opened an Instagram account, The J3 sisters. She also set out to launch her three daughters into modeling.
Increasingly young models

The world has known a craze for beautiful girls for a few years. Although there is no international beauty contest for them, it is the Internet users who often get passionate about one of them and whom they describe as the most beautiful little girl in the world.

This is how the Frenchwoman Thylane Blondeau, about ten years ago and when she was 9 years old, was called “the most beautiful little girl in the world”. She became known by having worked for magazines as a child model.

Jare Ijalana: most beautiful girl in the world

Then it was Anna Pavaga, a little Russian girl of 8 years old who made the buzz and which we could see posing in all the magazines.

Finally, it is the young Russian Anastasia Knyazeva, 6, who was elected last year by internet users as the most beautiful girl in the world, following the publication by her mother of photos of her on Instagram.
What effects on their personality?

Faced with this growing popularity in the world for young model girls, one wonders what impact such notoriety has on the construction of their personality and on their balance. Constantly praised for their physical appearance, are not such young girls at risk of locking themselves up in their image and of existing only through it?

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