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Five Mic Monsta’s success secret to glory exposed

Jan 23, 2022
Five Mic Monsta 's success secret to glory exposed

Mic Monsta is unarguably one of the best hip-hop acts from Cameroon. described by many as lyrical pichichi or king of punchlines.

At 30, he has released over 20 songs, won multiple awards and featured tens of other senior colleagues. He has equally founded and owns one of the biggest labels in Cameroon signing over 4 artists. This is the level every young artist in Cameroon dream to reach even in their 40s. So what is mic Monsta is doing differently that is getting him this far?

Disclaimer!!! I am not in any way close to mic monsta. it is all based on views gathered from social media.

1) Telling stories Through music: what many artists or celebrities forget is that art is all about creating content that people can relate to. this is what mic Monsta has discovered that many artists do not know. Mic’s music is mostly about telling stories of the struggles in the life of Cameroonians. which a great majority of people have gone through. they feel like someone is telling their stories when they listen to Johnny, Kwata state of mind, Days like this etc.

2) Branding: Being a web developer and graphic designer is playing a very important role in his music career. He doesn’t just make Catchy designs for his cover arts and presskits. but he doesn’t this so regular that you will love to see more.

3) Avoiding scandals: Mic Monsta is one of those few celebrities in Cameroon who can relate well with people across all levels of life. maybe because he comes from humble beginnings, he doesn’t discriminate with respect to class or personality. this makes him gain public love and admiration and to keep that reputation, he succeeds to avoid situations that çan tarnish his image:

4) Marketing: Mic Monsta is a role model to many when it comes to marketing music digitally. he understands the right platforms to distribute music and the way to do it in a way to maximize income.

3) Communication: The ability to brand perfectly mentioned above is one of the most powerful communication means. Secondly, his manager is a blogger with a good mastery of communication skills not forgetting his music communicates deeply. in other words mic masters mental communication, digital and physical communication not forgetting he never ignores comments from his fans (remember one of the utmost desires of a fan is to see his role act mention his name or comment on his/her post.)

4) Faith and consistency: Mic Monsta believes in his dream and is consistent about his music career. many artists have given up when things take a downward curve. Mic’s ability to a standstill in the face of all Storms is what so many artists in Cameroon do not possess.

5) Lifting the young as hee grows: we rise by lifting others so an adage goes. mic Monsta is one of those artists that has not only given a collaboration space for many young artists. Thanks to mic monsta, We have been able to know Torch City crew, Marnick Drogz, and others.

We can go on and on but these five points are enough to be copied by by any upcoming artitst