• Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Miss Kendy, Fonkem and Tilla en Flagrante delicto Preying On Daphne’s success

Daphne’s recent release ‘‘doucement’‘ came with a series of discrepancies. It started receiving attacks before the official release. Miss kendy and a gang of francophone fans accused Daphne of plagiarising a song miss wendy sent to her for collaboration and using her fame and money to override the song’s original author. This seemed so true as the songs seem to have almost the same melody and title. Blaise B took it fist to stand for daphne as according to him, he was called for the recording of the same song two years ago

Blaise B react to Daphne’s accusations

Dust was yet to settle before another upcoming female artist Fonkem Tracy Came Claiming ownership of the very song. she, however, realized she was making false accusations and came back claiming that the songs she sent to daphne’s manager are not yet released. and that there was one song amongst that was titled ”Doucement”

While a series of other actors in the 237 entertainment industry like, Salatiel and Dr. Nkeng Stephens were still trying to clean Daphne’s name from this shit, former Newbell Artist Tilla came reaffirming that stevens music has been known for plagiarism long ago claiming Daphne’s hit song Calée was a clear copy of her song Ola Ole

Based on a series of screenshots from Stevens music and Dr. Nkeng Stephen of APE, it is evident that Tilla, Miss Kendy and Fonkem crazy are preying on Daphne’s success