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Morocco beat resilient Comoros to book knockout place 

Jan 15, 2022

Boina Ben Bona (goalkeeper, Comoros)

“This is a debut for me and I am happy. As you know I come from a country without much of a football culture. It’s sad for me because we’ve been carrying a lot of hearts from our country. We would have liked to leave here with a win. I’d like to go to the professional world, it’s a dream that I could see coming true. Of course I intend to play at the highest level, but time will tell and I leave my life in God’s hands.”

Amir Abdou (Comoros, coach)

“We played against an experienced team which had high and low moments. We tried to stop Morocco’s opportunities, but they are a fast team in transitions and have a very compact defense. For sure they will have a say in this competition. Let’s think about the game against Ghana. We need to find solutions, the last game will be like a final for us. We lost some hope after the VAR decision. I am happy with my goalkeeper and we are here to promote promising players like them.”

Vahid Halilhodzic (Coach, Morocco)

“We won and naturally we are happy, but we would have liked to do better. It was a difficult game. It would have been nice if we had created more goal-scoring opportunities. I believe we will be more efficient in the next game. I will tell my players to keep hold of the ball and create more chances. We didn’t use the many chances we had. I had several players who are recovering from injuries and need more time to be in the desired shape”.