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“Mr Leo started music by going to the school choir to admire girls” Salatiel

Sep 4, 2021
"Mr Leo started music by going to the school choir to admire girls" Salatiel

“Sometimes the wrong choices in life attract attracts great results” This is the same for the story of Mr Leo who only went to the school choir to admire girls and ended up being one of the country’s best musicians. yesterday Alpha-beta records Boss Salatiel was on Balafon TV program C’est weekend where he opened up on how met Mr Leo.

According to Salatiel, when he arrived at the University of Buea in 2007, His senior brother Prof Ebot Ebot was a history teacher in secondary schools around. and thought history in the secondary school where Mr Leo was schooling. “my brother loved the school choir so he was in charge of the school choir.” Salatiel started..

Mr Leo was one guy who used to come with his friend and stand at the window to watch the choir. His reason was that he use to see so many more girls in the choir than boys. In the choir, there was only Blaise B and another guy who were males meanwhile there were so many girls. with time Mr Leo joined the choir and use to sit behind.

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It was the time my elder brother called me and told me he loves the choir and will like me to be the choir’s artistic director so they can work together and release an album. So when I arrived, I found two bullies behind (Mr Leo and his friend) when I walked up to them and asked the voice they sing, they just said “bass” (with heavy voices)

In fact, that was how I met Mr Leo and Blaise B. so a later worked with the choir and we released an album. Mr Leo was just in the video dancing since he couldn’t sing well.

with time we were training and I heard Mr Leo singing, and I heard something special in his voice. he was singing with an old voice and that sounded very special and Me I love when something is special. that was how Mr Leo got fully integrated in to the choir