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”My Fiance is Gay ! He is sleeping with a Cameroonian artist” Woman cries

Feb 6, 2021
''My Fiance is Gay ! He is sleeping with a Cameroonian artist'' Woman cries

An anonymous Cameroonian lady has lamented over meeting her fiance in bed with a male ( gay ) partner who is a Cameroonian artist.

According to the lady who reported the case to to Delly singah of Delly’s matchups this act has been going on for long despite the fact that her wedding with the said anglophone Cameroonian artist has been scheduled soon.

The post shared on Delly’s match-ups Facebook page read

EXCEPTIONAL CASE Mummy please I’m dying my world is shattered 😭😭😭mum i caught my fiancé with the Cameroonian English male artist *****They are gays mum and it has been going on mum and i want you to help me expose him because my fiancé told me he initiated him and he has been struggling to come out mum. Our wedding date has been set already 😭😭😭 help me mummy What should I do please hide my id mummy#sennse***Calm down my dear. I understand the pain. Please take heart. But are you really sure you sure you want to expose them? Cuz trust me this will affect you too.No mummy I want to expose the artist because he brought my fiancé into this. i want the world to know what they are doing😭😭😭#ReceiveSense#Inselflove

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