Naira Marley Promise to feature many Cameroonian artists and to teach them how to love cameroon

Nigerian sequential hit maker Naira Marley Has been announced to headline a Valentines day concert scheduled to take place in Buea the southwest region of Cameroon featuring Mic Monsta, Askia . Fhish, Show yoh amongst others

Naira Marley in Cameroon

Fortunately or unfortunately this is coming at a time when Cameroon is seriously fighting against the influx of foreign music and its effect on the baby domestic Industry.

Some stakeholders of the Cameroon music industry have gone as far as swearing to frustrate the event.

However,Naira Marley is seeing things from a different angle. According to him, We can only grow by holding hands and loving each other.

To that effect, Naira Marley has promised to feature with many Cameroonian artists and to teach them how to love stating that he loves Cameroon

When I go to Cameroon, I’m gonna feature most of the artist there,we can help each other grow and also I’ll teach them how to love. I love Cameroon though

Are you a Cameroonian or know about the cameroon music industry? please comment below which artist you think can make a hit together with Naira Marley

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