Indomitable Lion André Zambo Anguissa and his friend and team mate Victor Osimhen exchanged words during last Saturday’s training session. This led Victor Osimhen to be kicked off the pitch for disobedience by coach Luciano Spalletti d, causing some tension.

Victor Osimhen was kicked off the pitch by his coach Luciano Spalletti on the second day of training at Castel di Sangro, according to Sky Sport Italia. The Nigerian striker was ordered out of Napoli training on Sunday afternoon following an altercation. During Napoli training at Castel di Sangro, a verbal confrontation arose between Victor Osimhen and André Zambo Anguissa following a foul on his teammate Ostigard. The Nigerian raised his voice towards the Cameroonian midfielder and Spalletti first called on the player to calm down, urged him to clarify with his partner, but Osimhen wouldn’t calm down.

Despite Zambo Anguissa’s attempts to appease him, the Super Eagles player would not be appeased. The Nigerian lost his temper. This led Spalletti, who was refereeing the session, to ask the 23-year-old to leave the training ground. He therefore stopped training and expelled the center forward from the field: “You talk too much, go take a shower,” the coach told him.