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Cameroon: Nathalie Koah asymptomatic with Coronavirus

Apr 25, 2020
Nathalie Koah asymptomatic with Coronavirus

Cameroon’s influencer and business boss lady, Nathalie Koah asymptomatic with Coronavirus. cameroon’s ambassador to Equatorial Guinea Ordered she be transported alone on a flight

According to an information note which is currently touring social networks, the Cameroonian embassy in Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) requests the return of the former girlfriend of Samuel Eto’o while she is asymptomatic with coronavirus.

It’s definitely the buzz of the day. In a correspondence dated April 16, 2020 which is currently igniting the web, the Cameroonian ambassador to Equatorial Guinea sent information to the government. factstv.cm is responsible for reading what is written.

“I have the honor to inform the department that the Embassy of Cameroon has received a facilitation request for the return to Cameroon of Mrs. Koa Hélène Nathalie Séraphine,” he said.

Among the drastic measures implemented by the public authorities, the closing of the air, sea and land borders is one of them. But by reading the telegram, we learn that the influencer is asymptomatic at Covid-19, and that the representative of the Cameroonian state on Equatorial Guinea’s territory clearly says that there will be a departure from the rule. “Of Cameroonian nationality, this lady is said to have returned from the United States of America via Equatorial Guinea.

She observed around 40 here in Malabo from April 25 to 08, 2020. Declared asymptomatic, she has been brought back to Yaoundé by a flight by the Cronos company departing from Malabo with the specifications below 3 CMAC. Embraer 145. Onboard a passenger Hélène Nathalie Séraphine Koah, Cameroonian woman holding a passport number 888783 of 26 November 2018 in Yaoundé, “added the diplomat.

Nathalie Koah returning to Cameroon from Malabo
Nathalie Koah returning to Cameroon from Malabo

By continuing to read, and looking at the signature date (April 16, 2020), everything suggests that the entrepreneur is already in the country. “She will be the only one to leave the plane in Yaoundé. The flight could be scheduled within 24 hours of notification of the Cameroonian airspace and Yaoundé overflight clearance. “

Nathalie Koah asymptomatic with Coronavirus