The Secretary-General of the General Delegation for National Security, (DGSN) Dominic Baya, has announced new biometric passports will henceforth be produced and delivered to applicants in 48 hours after submission of required documents. From July 1st 2021

The new passports will be produced by the INCM-AUGENTIC consortium with whom the DGSN signed a contract on September 17, 2020, on the instructions of the Head of State, Paul Biya. Follow The procedure below

First, the applicant logs on to the Dgsn website fills in the necessary information to be registered, and pays through mobile money or credit card Finally, he makes an appointment for the physical registration.

This is done physically in a center of the applicant’s choice. It consists of opening and checking the file submitted online, with the originals of the required documents; the taking of photos, fingerprints and signature of the applicant and the scanning of the supporting documents; approval of the information by the applicant, and validation by the enrollment officer; delivery of a receipt to the applicant.

After the physical registration and, if there is no rejection, the document is produced within 48 hours. If rejected, the applicant is notified by email and SMS.

Once the passport has been produced, the applicant is notified by text message and email. He can therefore present himself for an identity check and the withdrawal of his document.

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This new procedures starts on July 1st and before then it will be a question of finishing the pending passports registered in the old system.

This new biometric passport production system will be able to supply 1,500 passports as a minimum threshold to 2,200 when at its maximum production rate.

At the end of the press conference Commissioner Dominique Baya, the secretary-general of the DGSN on behalf of DGSN head Martin Mbarga Nguele, concluded by saying “There will no longer be a race towards the so-called” express “passport. which has never existed “