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Nigeria: terrorists allegedly used a helicopter to attack villages in Kaduna, the army clarifies

Jun 12, 2022

Terrorists stormed several villages in Kajuru Local Government Area, Kaduna State in Nigeria and killed 32 people, the state government reports. Witnesses also said that the terrorists deployed a helicopter.

Adara Development Association national chairman Awemi Maisamari said on Wednesday that terrorists who allegedly deployed a helicopter killed more than 30 people in an attack on the southern community of Adara. Kaduna State.

Maisamari, who spoke to reporters, said the attackers razed buildings including the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) parish in the area. He added that other bodies had been discovered in the bushes around the villages attacked by the terrorists.

Nigerian Home Security and Home Affairs Commissioner Samuel Aruwan confirmed in a statement to Kaduna the attack but debunked reports of airstrikes by terrorists. According to reports, the bandits stormed the area in large numbers on motorbikes and razed several houses, attacking and killing residents.

“Since Sunday’s attack, security agencies and local traditional leaders have informed the government of developments. At the time of this report, 32 people have been confirmed dead as a result of the attack,” he said.

“The Kaduna State Government wishes to provide clarification based on information received since Sunday. The bandits attacked the first two locations and killed 31 citizens. They then moved towards Ungwan Maikori, where they killed one person and burned down houses.

An Air Force helicopter as part of Operation Whirl Punch sent to the area had previously scanned the first two locations and sighted burned homes and burning properties. It was the helicopter that intercepted the bandits at Ungwan Maikori’s last location and engaged them as they retreated, before ground troops arrived in the general area.

“The story that a helicopter provided air support to the bandits against the locals is therefore a false account. The Kaduna state government, after reviewing all the facts, finds it regrettable that a section of the media is publishing an unverified report that is insensitive to its national security, law and order implications,” it said. -he declares.

Aruwan said eyewitnesses to the peddled report of a helicopter helping bandits kill innocent citizens were asked to present their accounts to the government based on irrefutable facts. He said the military, police and other agencies working in the general area deserve praise and motivation, rather than demoralizing allegations.