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”Nobody can lift you up because you are too dirty” Jovi to Spido

Sep 24, 2020

It appears Mr. Ndukong Godlove AKA Jovi and his ”don man” Spido Donkwatatruelegend are not in the best of terms. we cant confidently say what is going on between them.

It was only revealed yesterday when Spido took to his Facebook timeline and shared a post which reads ”La bouche qui suce trop est obligée de trop mentir.” translated ”The mouth that sucks too much is forced to lie too much.

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Mboko god (Jovi) seemed to have understood where the shots were coming from and hurried to defend himself by sharing a screenshot of spido’s post. With a long caption which read

”See me this dirty dog, am I the reason why you are still in the ghetto?? Cockroach! Now I will only be observing you. The greatest sucker of all times. Nobody can lift you up because you are too dirty my friend. Continue making noise here on Facebook because this is where you are strong. My friend I hear all you are saying about me. You will get it from me.

Jovi’s reply to Spido.

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