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Nollywood actress Philldella Yve denies Nigerians food for supporting Egypt against Cameroon.

Feb 3, 2022
Philldella Yve

According to Bamenda-born Nollywood actress Philldella Yve, She was stepping out today when some bricklayers asked her for food. She got the food for them and on coming back overheard them saying Egypt will win Cameroon and she changed her mind. sharing her short story on Facebook, she wrote

So these Breaklayers working in the building next to my mine saw me stepping out and requested I give them food, i was running late for my appointment with a Film Producer so I told them I will later. Guys I legit got them goodies on my way back home, on going to hand it to them, i over heard them saying Egypt 🇪🇬 will beat Cameroon 🇨🇲 and show them pepper😳 . I made sure they saw me with their supposed goodies and then I did a U turn back because what the hell?! They freaken know I am partly Cameroonian, so how dare them? And Yes I didn’t give them the stuffs I got them. I will dash it to other workers. If you are judging me, God will judge you too cause I don’t anticipate the downfall of my helpers or people I need a favor from. They were now screaming Cameroon will win the match when I was going away 😂, but I am still vexed. In fact eh, Let this match just come and pass first, I will buy it again for them after we win, until then Egypt 🇪🇬 should give them goodies 😩🤦‍♀️😭. Yo! My feelings about Cameroon is very sensitive and fragile right now, so thou shall not play with me. Ok o!”

Since morning she has continued to praise her birth country saying she can only share with anyone who supports the indomitable lions

is a 30years old nollywood actress, born in Bamenda Cameroon to a Nigerian father and Cameroonian mother. she travelled to Nigeria at the age of 15. she has starred in movies such as

Mirror of the soul, Palace Game, Royal Dominance, Heart of a Maiden, Weapon of life, Heart of Love, The Chosen King, Royal Appointment amongst others