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NW FECAFOOT President says Eto’o To Construct Stadium In Bamenda I

Mar 21, 2022

By Timfuchi Aaron

The President of the North West bureau of the Cameroon Football Federation, FECAFOOT, Mbigha Felix, has said, Samuel Eto’o would construct a stadium in Bamenda I municipality.

Speaking at a recent ceremony, Mbigha said Eto’o has met with the Fon of Mendakwe and discussions have been fruitful.


“The Fon of Mendakwe promised to give him land in Mendakwe for the construction of a stadium. Within the boundaries of Mendakwe and Awing, there’s a vast surface that we can build a good field”, Mbigha.

This information is coming at a time when there’s information that work will soon resume at the Bamenda Municipal Stadium. This, is said to be after the government made available the sum of 460 million francs to complete the stadium.
However, fans and some former players of the team have continued their request for improved sports infrastructure in the region. Former goalkeeper, Agwa Joseph who was on goal for PWD in 1979 when they last played and lost the finals disclosed that in 1981, Ahmadou Ahidjo gave a 35.000 seater stadium to Bamenda and till now, nothing has changed.

He regretted the fact that some of his teammates like Dr.Ekwelle, Moukoube, Gwanulla have all died without enjoying the fruits of their labor.

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